Man Mo Temple – Hong Kong

Man Mo Temple – Hong Kong

The Man Mo Temple is actually a complex of three temples within one boundaried area. ¬†One thing I learned, is that Man Mo Temple isn’t a name per se, rather it is a category of temple which is dedicated to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo), both of whom were worshipped by students who hoped to pass the stringent examinations of Imperial China. These involved rigorous tests¬†aimed at finding the best administrative officials for the country.

Built in 1847, this remains the largest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong. Although the colours inside the temple are bright, and there is always a buzz of activity around, it is still quiet and serene.

Visitors are welcome, and you are allowed to take pictures and videos, but do your best to be discreet, and not be in anyone’s way.

I really recommend anyone visiting Hong Kong to pay a visit to this temple, as it offers some respite from the hubbub outside, and offers a glimpse to aspects of Chinese society and religion that Communist China tried very hard to eliminate during the Cultural Revolution.

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