The Ocean, Hong Kong

The Ocean, Hong Kong

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As the purpose of my trip to Hong Kong was to celebrate the new year, I wanted to make sure that the first day was marked with something fresh, bright, and invigorating.  For this, I headed to Repulse Bay, a beautiful beach area on the southern coast of Hong Kong island.  Here, I went to a restaurant aptly named “The Ocean” – and its name certainly delivered, in the form of breathtaking views we usually associate with Thailand, and not Hong Kong.  I had previously made a reservation, but when walking in, I saw that the place was quite empty, nonetheless, better safe than sorry!

I was warmly welcomed by the staff and taken to my table, which had a nice view of the sea.  As a welcome drink, I was offered a glass of coconut water – cleansing and befitting the occasion of the new year.  Here, they offer a set menu, and a la carte options.  As I had not yet had breakfast, I decided to go for the set menu, and see if the restaurant would dazzle me.

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The meal started off with a selection of amuse bouches, which consisted of fresh oyster with crushed frozen apple, mackerel, and an apple pie bun with honey drizzle and cheese filling.  This set the tone for a creative, aesthetically pleasing, and truly appetising meal!

2017-01-01 13.19.51

This was then followed by the “Sea Breeze”, which was made up of radishes, caviar, smoked hamachi, and baby beets.  This was light, flavourful, and combined flavours that one would not normally think of piecing together.

2017-01-01 13.27.06

Next on the menu, was the “First Wave”, which is a dish made up of trofie (a kind of short, twisted pasta), lobster, mushrooms, and baby mushrooms.  The best way to describe how this dish tasted would be a seafood risotto, but at the same time it was more crisp and fresher.

2017-01-01 13.44.03

The next dish was the “Blue Lagoon”, which was a wild mushroom tart and roasted salsify.  This was a dish that had a bit of theater as the liquid was added in front of me at the table.

2017-01-01 13.53.56

As we sailed on, the next dish was the “Great Reef” which I would say is the most “traditional” dish served that afternoon.  Plated in front of me was line-caught seabass, pistachio mussels emulsion, cucumber, and greens.  The foam contrasted nicely with the sea bass, and was a delicious.

2017-01-01 14.09.20

The dessert sector was done in two parts – the first was a lolly made of sake cream and puffed rice, dipped in chocolate.  Then, the absolute crescendo to this meal, was the Columbian coffee mousse, almond ice cream, and candied hazelnuts meringue.

2017-01-01 14.21.10 2017-01-01 14.30.14 2017-01-01 14.31.29

The experience at this restaurant was fun from beginning to end, and the creativity of the chef was pulled off with finesse and precision.