Little Bao, Hong Kong

Little Bao, Hong Kong

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Usually when I travel, I plan everything meticulously, and choose which restaurants I plan on going to  Little Bao, however, was an exception to this rule.  I first heard of it while getting ready in the hotel room, and had the TV on.  There was a programme on the Best Female Chef in Asia, May Chow.  She mixes together the concept of American “soul food” with Asian cooking techniques and ingredients.

I showed up without a reservation, and almost made a 180 when I saw that the girls in front of me were told that there was a 2 hour wait for a table.  I decided to give it a shot, and as it turns out, travelling solo has its upsides – I can easily be accommodated :)

I snagged a stool at the counter, where all of the meals were prepared.  The restaurant is quite small, and diners are really packed in tight – my elbows touched my neighbours’ the entire time.  The staff here are very laid back and friendly, and were patient and explained.

For dinner that night, I chose the truffle fries as my starter, which consists of shiitake tempeh (a soy product originally from Indonesia, truffle mayonnaise, and pickled daikon.  For my main dish, I chose the fish tempura burger, which is made with freshly made boa buns, tamarind palm sugar glaze, and pickled lemongrass fennel salad.  To finish, I chose the salt ice cream, which come sandwiched between crispy fried buns drizzled with succulent caramel.

Overall, I loved the laid back nature of this restaurant, as well as the innovation and creativity it proudly displays.

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