Museum of Contemporary Art – Kiasma – Helsinki

Museum of Contemporary Art – Kiasma – Helsinki

As any reader of my blog knows, I have a keen interest in art. Although I am not an artist myself, I still enjoy going to art museums wherever I go, especially modern art ones, as they also tend to showcase their local artists, and by default, afford myself the chance to immerse myself in their culture.

Finland as a country, has numerous contributions to the art and design scene, with famous names such as Marimekko and Iittala, and as such, wanted for my first stop on the art trail in Helsinki to be the Museum of Contemporary Art – also known as Kiasma.  Kiasma is the Finnish word for chiasma, and is a nod to the building’s basic architectural design.

On display when I went were a number of unique exhibitions and pieces, such as one which focused on the world of medicine, and one with bent and crushed television sets.

All throughout my visit, I could not help but feel like I was actually walking through art, and not just observing it.  By this, I mean that the building itself is a work of art, as every angle and wall was studied in great detail in terms of lighting as well as where one’s eyes naturally lead.  The building has a very natural flow, and relies very little on signgage, but more so on intuition.

Thus, I would recommend anyone with any interest in art or architecture to visit this institution and enjoy the experience!


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