At first being a traveller wasn’t a choice – it was the lifestyle I grew up with because of my father’s job.  So it was at a very early age that my understanding and view of the world began to form.  Growing up in Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom made discovery, curiousity, and dealing with the unfamiliar a subset of skills akin to a 6th sense.  Tasting new foods, taking in new sights and sounds, and interacting with new people is now a drug that I cannot be withheld from for too long.

With this website, I am finally doing what so many have encouraged me to do for quite some time – to organise and compile the knowledge and experience I have gained as a traveller over the years.

My goal is for this website to turn into a useful resource for the yearly traveller, the travel junkie, and everyone in between.  All posts will reflect my personal opinions and observations as fairly as possible.

Thank you for your visit – don’t make it your last!